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How do I recharge the sensor battery?



  • Dirk Wachter

    This should mention a few more things such as what type of USB cable and charger to use. Also, while charging the sensor has certain LED patterns. That should be explained

  • Dirk Wachter

    Some Micro USB plugs will not fit in the charging port well, due to their form factor.
    While charging (in situ), it appears the top LED lights up/blinks slowly yellow to indicate progress, in addition to the green signal (like a runway) that indicates measuring mode.

  • Hannah

    Hi Dirk Wachter!

    Thank you for your feedback on Powersensor. That's correct - while charging in-situ, the sensor will continue to display the normal operating mode LED pattern (the green runway signal) and a yellow LED to indicate that the device is charging. We've recently created a comprehensive guide to all of the LED light patterns that can be viewed here!

    As far as the charging port is concerned, we recommend that you use the USB cable provided as some Micro USB cable plugs are thicker and might not fit the Powersensor port. I hope this helped, please feel free to reach out again here or email  with any more feedback!



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